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How Does a Chainsaw Oiler Work

Every chainsaw has either manual or automatic pumps that dispense oil evenly on the saw chain. The oil helps the chain slide quickly around the bar by removing frictions. A well-lubricated saw chain can cut well without having any problem. If the bar and the chain are not well lubricated, then the resistance took place and can cause the bar to overheat. It can damage the chain and the bar. Overheating can also cause damage to the engine of a chainsaw.

Symptoms of chainsaw oiler problems:

When the oiler is not working properly, the chain becomes very dry. On that time, if you continue cutting then the bar is likely to become very hot, and the chain may start producing smoke.

Sometimes chainsaw oiler may provide excess lubrication, and this is not okay for your chainsaw. If the oiler is not well fitted such as that, it causes oil to drip from the chain and runs down the guide bar. The guide bar collects dust, debris and all sorts of dust. It may block the oil hole.

Needful task when your oiler is producing insufficient or excess oil:

When your chainsaw is producing excess or insufficient oil may not mean that the oiler is damaged. You can solve the problem by having an adjustment to fix the problem.

If the chainsaw is new or its chain or bar has been replaced then, the oiler will need to keep adjusting until the oiler produces the right amount of lubrication.

If your oiler is producing excessive oil, turn off the engine and then remove the sparkle plug. Turn the regulation bolt from the right to the left and rub out the guide bar and the chain with a clean and soft rag. This may reduce the amount of oil produced. This process may also get rid of the oil which had deflated on the guide bar.

If the oil produced by the oiler is insufficient, adjust the oiler and turn the screw of the oiler to the right. Aforementioned processes are efficient to run the oiler well. If the process mentioned above is not working and the oiler is having issues, this could indicate that your oiler may be damaged.

The Amount of oil needed for the chain and guide bar:

Too much or too little oil is not good for the chainsaw. The amount of oil required for a chainsaw may vary depending on the size of your guide bar and the cutting task.

Knowing the exact amount needed for your chainsaw is a tough task at first, I would be easier as you continue to use your chainsaw. You will be able to figure out the adjustments for your chainsaw, with time. If you continue to use the chainsaw, you will be able to determine the adjustments needed for your chain and guide bar. 10W-30 motor oil is standard used, though oil made specifically as a chainsaw bar oiler is best, as it is formulated to best stick to the chain and bar.

To run your chainsaw smoothly, ensure that you are using the recommended oil for your guide bar and chain model. You should always check the oil levels before using the chainsaw. To be ensured that your chainsaw is performing correctly, start the chainsaw and keep running it for a few minutes.

Different Types of Chainsaws

Most chainsaw users probably use a chainsaw rarely only to cut wood for the fire. Some use it for general small to large work around the home. There are 100 of Chainsaw and chain styles. Most commercial chainsaw models accompany low profile 3/8" semi-etch saw chains. Most property holders and irregular chainsaw users may not well informed about chainsaws as experts. In any case, beneath is an easy article explaining the different types of chainsaws.

Types of Chainsaws

The chainsaw is a highly effective and efficient power tool. It works with an engine called a power head. It powers a metal chain, driven by a clutch, with a chain turning around a groove at fast speeds. The moving chain is dragged across the surface the wood to cut it. Chainsaws are the most dangerous power tools in the world, as the chains cannot be guarded.

Chainsaws can be split into the following types:

1) Corded Electric Chainsaws

These smaller species’ chainsaws have a power plug. They need electric power to run. These chainsaws have no engines, so they don't need fuel to run. Corded electric chainsaws are mostly immobile. They must be plugged into a power source. But they can be used with a portable generator on a motor vehicle. Generators are connected to the chainsaw with a long extension cord. But only portable generators can be used for performing such tasks.

2) Gas-Powered Chainsaws

These types of chainsaws are popular among professional and regular chainsaw users. Gas-powered chainsaws run on gasoline (petrol). These chainsaws have 2-stroke or 2-cycle engines. They use a mixture of oil and gas to run properly. Gas is used for combustion. The oil is used for lubrication of the internal parts of the engine. The oil prevents damage and wears to the engine.

3) Manual Chainsaws

These chainsaws neither require fuel or electricity to run. They are not sold by any chainsaw suppliers. They are mostly made by chainsaw users. These are made using saw chains and an assortment of easily available materials. Usually, it means taking a saw chain and using it to cut wood. Here you are using your arms instead of a gasoline engine. This method is used to cut firewood. They are also used to trim wood.  If you cannot buy a typical chainsaw for some reason, these chainsaws are perfect. Manual Chainsaws produce no noise or exhaust. But they are very tiresome to use, as they require effort to run.

4) Battery-Powered Chainsaws

Battery-Powered Chainsaws are also known as cordless chainsaws. They use rechargeable batteries in place of electricity or fuel.  Batteries can be charged in advance before using these chainsaws. These chainsaws don’t need to be regularly refueled. They also have no hassle of electrical cords. The batteries must be regularly charged in this case. Most of the chainsaw users like battery powered chainsaws. Because This type of chainsaws are available in the market and user-friendly. You can take this chainsaws anywhere because these chainsaws are portable.

5) Pole saws

Pole saws are small chainsaws mounted on an extension pole. It increases your reach for pruning and removing small tree limbs. This types of chainsaws are available in gas-powered, corded and cordless models. Some of the chainsaw handles can be extended by connecting an extending piece. Some other models have telescopic poles. These allow the operator to choose the needed length for maximum comfort. Some pole saws can be converted to standard chainsaws too. String trimmers have pole saw attachments available for them.


Remember that your personal choices will determine the right chainsaw for you. Your fitness, physical strength, and the budget should also be considered. The chainsaw you choose must have enough power to cut any size of wood. Most chainsaws are designed suitable for different uses and users. Some chainsaws are perfect for professional loggers. Some chainsaws are good for occasional users, who want to cut firewood and for smaller tasks. Try to avoid buying a huge and heavy-duty gasoline-powered chainsaw for small tasks like cutting firewood.


Electric chainsaw buying guide

The Electric Chainsaw is a most valuable tool for household and professional works. It helps to save time and energy. There are many well designed and new technologic chainsaw found in the market now. Buying a chainsaw is not a tough task but you need to be careful to choose the perfect chainsaw according to the features and also according to which purpose you are going to buy the chainsaw.

If you are going to buy an electric chainsaw then, this Electric Chainsaw buying guide is going to be useful for you.

We are now giving all sort of description about an Electric Chainsaw On this “Electric Chainsaw buying guide” for you.


Description and kinds of electric Chainsaw:

Electric Chainsaw is offering two different types of chainsaws. Which are Corded Chainsaw and Cordless chainsaw. Corded Chainsaw gets powered from an outlet. And cordless chainsaw is designed with rechargeable technology. They get power by charging. Corded Chainsaw is stronger than the cordless chainsaw. But nowadays many companies are designing more powerful new technologic cordless chainsaw to make the use of a chainsaw easier than before. You need a short description of these two types.  

Corded Electric Chainsaw:

Corded Chainsaw performs powerfully but it has a big disadvantage too. The corded system is the main problem of this chainsaw. You cannot able to use it where there is no electric cord or generator. If the cord is short then, the user faced many problems while using it. Besides of these disadvantages corded chainsaw is more effective for heavier usage for its powerful performance.

Cordless Chainsaw:

This tool is easily portable and makes less noise than the corded one. You can carry it and use it anywhere you want and use it without needing an electric cord. Perhaps the cordless one gives you less power and you might be unable to satisfy yourself if you are used to with the corded one. If you are using a non-quality cordless one then it will loose its charges within the short time limit. It will then disgusts you. Moreover, there are many companies are designing new technologic powerful Cordless Chainsaw. You can choose a better one from them.

The power options:

According to the power limit, we can divide electric chainsaw into three different types:

Light-duty chainsaw:

This chainsaw is perfect for lighter work of the household. Like tree trimming and shaping and so on. This contains maximum 10 pounds. And also includes an excellent range of horsepower that is perfect enough for any work and settings. Moreover, it is not suitable for professionals.

Mid-range chainsaw:

This type of chainsaw is more powerful and heavier than the light duty chainsaws. It contains maximum 13 pounds weight. Able to do more substantial works than the light one. The main advantage of these chainsaws is its durability. Mild logging and firewood production type tasks can be done by this kind of chainsaw very easily. This chainsaw is suitable for both household and professional works.

Professional chainsaw:

Professional chainsaws contain maximum 22 pounds of weight. Able to do all professional cuttings, loggers and also all heavy duty cuttings. This professional chainsaw is able to give the powerful performance and smooth works. This chainsaws are heavy and not applicable for homeowners for household works. These are mostly designed to do heavy and professional works.

 Some important features of an Electric Chainsaw:

  • An excellent quality Electric chainsaw should contain the Soft Start technology.
  • The Automatic bar oiling is the important feature for an electric Chainsaw.
  • An Electric chainsaw also can judge with the current limiters and sleep clutches options.
  • A perfect chainsaw especially a professional one must need to have a tool for the chain to move the chainsaw.
  • The User should check the Anti-vibration technology of the chainsaw before buy.

The most important thing that you should remind before the purchase of a chainsaw is to know about what will you do with this chainsaw. Electric chainsaw is designed in different types for doing various works. So, it is important to choose a chainsaw according to your use.



How to repair Electric Chainsaw

An eclectic chainsaw is one of the most valuable tools for cutting branches and gardening. It is also an excellent tool for the chainsaw artists. Many different types of chainsaw are available in the market for the different type of users. Like other electric tools, a chainsaw also needs extra care for an excellent and trouble free performance for years. The owner of a chainsaw often face many of problems during working with it, but there are simple and practical ideas about how to repair electric ChainsawCan easily help you while fixing the chainsaw.

We have given the title of the article that, how to repair electric Chainsaw But the content will help you by describing you about the common chainsaw problems and also how to repair them.

There are two types of chainsaw available in the market. One runs on electricity and another runs on Gas. These chainsaws which run by electricity are less powerful and also create fewer problems than the other type of chainsaw which run by petrol engines or Gas. The gasoline engine chainsaw needs to take extra care.

Sharpe the chain:

If the chain of the chainsaw is improperly sharpening, that will make the chainsaw more dangerous to the user. Sharpening the chain of a chainsaw can easily do by the user by using proper tools. The chain pitch of the chainsaw note on the depth gauge side of both cutter of the chain. A file holder and a filing gauge are needed to sharpen the chainsaw manually.  In the market, you will also get the best chainsaw sharpener who will help you to sharpen your chainsaw as you want.

Cleaning of the Spark arrestor screen:

New technologic chainsaw provides a spark arrestor screen. This screen prevents spark which can cause a fire from the chainsaw. If the screen remains dirty, the chainsaw isn’t able to get full speed and also create extra smoke. Remove the screen from the chainsaw. Clean the filter with the mixture of water and detergent. Brush properly to clean all the holes. If the screen is sufficiently damaged, then replace it for the best result. Try to wash the screen with-in 60-90 hours of use.

Cleaning of the Sparkplug:

If the sparking plug of the chainsaw remains dirty, the chainsaw will not start. It can also lose the power and could not run smoothly. Operating conditions and fuel mixtures can affect the plug. Remove the plug from the chainsaw and clean it with the help of a wire brush. Replace the plug if it is wet fouled.

Fixing the chainsaw oiler:

The chainsaw oiler is the device by which the chain and guide bar are continuously oiled. This part of a chainsaw is critical because if the oiler stop working, then the clutch and engine will damage. The user should regularly clean the oil tank with rags and petrol if it is dirty. There are two different hoses, one works from tank to the pump, and the other one works from the pump to the guide bar. The nozzles should be unblocked by compressed air if it is dirty because this nozzle leads the hoses. If the oil pump is too damaged, it may need to replace.

Air filter cleaning:

The engine may lose its power if the air filter is dirty. The user should aware of the perfect way to remove the air filter. After removing the air filter entirely, it can be cleaned by a vacuum cleaner or air blower or pressure washer. If you are using a compressed air blower to clean the air filter then must take care about to blow the air from the inside of the filter to the outside. A fresh air filter keeps the engine robust as like new and helps the engine to work with full of energy.

Important tips:

Here, some tips about how the chainsaw will run smoothly. If the user takes proper care, the chainsaw will run smoothly for a long time. To protect your chainsaw from extra dust, you can use a nice chainsaw case. It will protect it when it is not in use. It will also help when it needs to transport. Always try to use good quality fuel if the chainsaw works on fuel. Keep the air filter and other parts clean and junk free. It will keep your chainsaw engine more powerful. Regularly check the oiler and the level of oil. Sharpe the chain carefully for the best result.